About Us

badal misty

Espíritu Ecuestre was created in 2009, by an avid, Indian rider and animal lover as a means of raising funds to be able to provide high quality, personal care for horses in need. Rather than asking for charity, we decided to create and sell horse-themed accessories and use the money earned to provide safety equipment, supplements, medical care, etc., for horses.

In 2013, The Gino Collection, was added to provide similar assistance to the numerous local, street dogs in India, whose lives are a constant battle for survival against extreme weather conditions, traffic, pollution, disease, lack of food and water and cruelty from human beings.

Albeit, on a very, very small scale, Espíritu Ecuestre has managed to help provide timely intervention, veterinary assistance, vaccinations and, in the very fortunate cases, adoption for some such horses and dogs.

Through your patronage, we hope to be able to extend our efforts ever farther, to benefit animals wherever they need our help.

Perhaps even more important than our fund-raising efforts for animals in need is our attempt to spread the message of kindness to animals and raise awareness on issues of animal welfare. Our deep association and understanding of horses and dogs go towards designing products that are useful for riders and animal lovers as well as to spread our philosophy of love, respect, kindness and benevolence not just to equines and canines, but rather all animals who we believe have as much right to life as any one of us. The Espíritu Ecuestre team and its ever-growing group of friends and well-wishers try to lead by example, be it turning vegetarian, adopting and caring for animals, buying cruelty-free products or advocating the cause of animals.

Our blog- ‘Pets and the City’- raises awareness of the day-to-day experiences, challenges and concerns of the average animal lover living in the Indian capital. It is our sincere hope that even those who do not consider themselves to be fond of animals, may benefit from reading the perspective of those who do and find it within their hearts to be considerate and tolerant of animals and to learn to peacefully coexist with them.

Espíritu Ecuestre is constantly inspired by its mascot- Badal- whose indomitable character, friendship, courage, resilience and affection, epitomises the spirit of the horse- ‘Espíritu Ecuestre’.